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KindTech Innovations, a new division of KindTech IT Services, marks its launch with the unveiling of the ground-breaking Dispensary Connect app for cannabis dispensaries

The new application allows legal marijuana businesses to quickly leverage online customer engagement channels through a suite of business services, while helping the overall cannabis industry mature and evolve.

DENVER (October 17, 2016) – KindTech Innovations, a new division of KindTech IT Services, today releases Dispensary Connect. The pioneering application is designed to assist legal cannabis dispensaries in expanding their customer base and maintaining repeat business; by providing them with the tools needed to extend the visibility of their real-time inventory and product data. At the same time the app allows them to engage with their customers directly through online ordering, product catalogs and other interactive channels.

The move marks KindTech’s expansion into subscription-based software solutions for the legal cannabis industry. Company CEO and founder Chris Sorel says Dispensary Connect offers dispensaries an agile and cost-efficient way to engage with their customers through digital channels.

Dispensary Connect allows dispensaries to rapidly implement a suite of services – such as online ordering for customers, product catalogs, and digital menus – as well as feeds to many of the popular data aggregators currently being used by the legal cannabis industry and its customers; all as part of a financially-scalable, monthly subscription rate.

Sorel, who has over two decades of experience as a software developer and architect, says many in the legal cannabis industry have very little firsthand experience when it comes to implementing systems meant to engage with their customers digitally.

“As a result, you have a lot of dispensaries paying to implement custom solutions to connect with customers,” he says. “And quite often these systems don’t leverage the full value of their product and inventory data.”

Like other consumers, Sorel notes, the legal cannabis industry’s customer base lives in a highly-connected and interactive world.

“They want to engage with their favorite cannabis dispensaries in the same way that they interact with other stores and services: through the web and mobile devices,” he says. “They want to hop on to their phone or laptops to find out in real-time if dispensaries have their favorite products in stock, and to reserve those products — so that they know it will still be available for them when they get to the store.”

Through Dispensary Connect, dispensaries have an easily-accessible and cost-efficient method of providing their consumers with a rich digital ordering and browsing experience, while at the same time connecting them to real-time inventory data through a variety of web, mobile and kiosk interfaces.

As a result, dispensaries can extend their reach well beyond their physical location and directly into the hands of their customers, wherever they are.

“Dispensary Connect is more than just an online ordering system,” Sorel adds, “It’s a platform that connects your customers with your real-time product and inventory data through all of the channels they use today and in the future.”

Given the unique aspects of the cannabis industry, with its base of passionate entrepreneurs, company owners and growers all dedicated to marijuana legalization, Dispensary Connect will become instrumental in helping the legal cannabis industry mature and evolve.

“We are making a movement out of whole cloth,” Sorel notes. “An essential part of this movement is bringing in new consumers, especially as the industry goes mainstream and cannabis is accepted by more people as a medical and recreational product. So this is an opportunity to introduce a game-changing technology to the legal cannabis industry, to help with its progress in the years ahead.”

About KindTech Innovations

A division of KindTech IT Services, KindTech Innovations is dedicated to producing software products and services that solve problems across the legal cannabis industry.

At KindTech, we believe that eliminating cannabis and hemp prohibition nationwide is a moral, ethical and fiscal imperative. We admire the courageous and entrepreneurial spirit so clearly displayed by this new industry and we want to help.

We’re committed to providing you services at competitive costs, so that your business and the industry as a whole can thrive.

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